Infant Car Seats

New parents always want the best for their baby. But with so many brands in the market,one is always spoilt for choice. Infant car seats which are mandatory as per the US law is one such item. These seats are designed to provide utmost safety for infants and they can be used until the child is big enough. They are usually placed in the rear seat of the car and enable infants to sleep or sit comfortably. Some companies these days are also testing car seats and are even making them resistant to crashes or unfortunate accidents.

With new infant seat manufacturing companies mushrooming every day,one is always in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the best for your baby. Given below are some of the tips that can help you in choosing the right seat to ensure the safety of your baby

  • Installation – Installation of a car seat is one of the most harrowing things according to parents. Even though some seat manufacturers provide a step by step procedure or videos related to installation,it is sometimes very difficult. One has to find a seat that is easy to install with and without a LATCH system. LATCH is a system of hooks that is in built in most cars manufactured after September 2002.They allow a person to fix an infant car seat easily.

  • Good handles – A good handle that does not break and easy to carry is the first thing that new parents should look for when trying to buy a car seat for the infant. This is because while carrying a baby,one has to keep adjusting the handle whenever they seat or remove a baby from the car and also sometimes in the middle of the journey.

  • Straps – A car seat’s straps should be designed in such a way that a parent must be able to adjust,remove or fasten them with ease ideally without referring a manual. They should be easy to remove or adjust in cases of emergency when a baby is unwell or crying.

  • Weight and Height – A parent should choose an infant car seat that supports the kid until he or she is able to support themselves in a normal seat. Parents can easily make a cranky child to sit in the car seat that clicks and place them inside the car instead of coaxing them to sit inside

  • Compatibility with strollers – It is important to buy a car seat and a stroller of the same make. These can go a long way in helping transfer kids from car seats to strollers effortlessly. Otherwise one has to buy a separate adapter for the same

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