Pool And Landscaping

Landscaping has emerged as a wonderful profession over the years. The increase in demand for landscaping is due to the fact that it enhances the beauty of a place, creates a relaxing atmosphere, promotes filtering of storm water, keeps weeds at bay etc. In Australia, properties with landscaped gardens are fetching higher prices when sold. Many home buyers usually notice a good landscaped garden as soon as they visit a house. But landscaping is a difficult job for amateurs. So the property owners usually hire a good landscape architect or designer for this purpose.

Tips for effective landscaping

Swimming pools are usually located in the backyards of houses. It is currently the trend to landscape areas surrounding the pool. It also has numerous benefits like keeping the pool and the area around it clean which can prevent insects and bees in the area. Choosing plants that can add beauty to the area around a swimming pool is a great pool and landscaping idea. But the plant chosen should be chlorine resistant, should not have thorns or spines which can hurt swimmers. Another factor to consider is to avoid planting of trees which can shed leaves into the pool making it a big mess. Also landscape architects involved in pool and landscaping advice people to avoid plants with flowers, fruits seeds etc. close to the pool. You should take care to also avoid plants with sharp thorns such as roses, bougainvillea, barberry, pyracantha, blackberry bushes, cactus and even succulents as they prick the bare flesh of swimmers causing raw wounds.

Take care to grow plants that require less maintenance around a swimming pool. Even though some plants may look beautiful it is not a wise idea to grow them as they require loads of maintenance such as frequent trimming and fertilizing. Also opt for plants that love water and do not die when exposed to a lot of water. With the right selection of plants, often with the advice of experienced pool and landscaping designers one can enjoy and relax in the swimming pool.

Avoid trees and plants with invading roots. Check with your local gardener before planting such plants. Over time these roots can spread and damage the pool structure, surrounding areas and even the plumbing system. These can in turn cause you a lot of trouble. While bees and humming birds look amazing next to flowering plants in a garden, do not grow plants that are a magnet for honeybees near the pool as they can bite the swimmers in the long run.

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