Salesforce is wonderful CRM software available in the market today. It is entirely cloud based and as such people and enterprises can use it easily. It does not require a team of IT experts to run this software .It is quite customer friendly and hence anyone can customize the software according to his or her needs using the drag and drop feature.

Salesforce Integration Consultant

A Salesforce customization consultant is a person who plays a prime role in a company that helps clients use salesforce. He gathers requirements from the client and then will help them with ideas about how best to customize the software according to their business process. Sometimes during the course of customizing a solution, consultants or organizations have to resort to using different apps to arrive at a solution for a particular business process. This is the job profile of a salesforce integration consultant

Integrating two or more separate or related apps can aid organizations in achieving greater levels of efficiency, operational consistency, and quality. Each application can have business logic, data, presentation and security layers all of which aid in integration. Some of the commonly used integration procedures by salesforce integration consultants are

Security Integration – Security Integration is used to integrate authentication mechanisms across applications to improve user experience and minimize user administration.

User Interface Integration – In this process, a salesforce integration consultant combines the UIs of two or more apps to create composite apps with little rework on the UI of each and every individual app

Business Logic Integration – Business Logic is a common phenomenon spread across multiple application systems. `Combining business logic across apps helps in the implementation of end to end business processes.

Data Integration – Integration of applications at the data layer is a common process used by a salesforce integration consultant .To give an example, we can consider that multiple apps written in several programming languages can use an open API to manage related data in a shared database. which is the environment on which salesforce is built, tenders numerous integration points that range from ERP connectors to web services, email syndication feeds and http based REST callouts. The platform also supports multiple APIs which offer the basis for integration with numerous languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby, Objective C and even provides multiple integration points. A salesforce integration consultant can interact with external http end points, respond to email messages and can also send automated outbound messages.

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